Published April 2004
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New Flesh, New Earth
The Life-Changing Power of the Resurrection


"Sure Christ was raised from the dead, but what does the resurrection have to do with my salvation, my day-to-day life, or the world around me?"

Christians usually understand why Christ's death is essential to the Faith, but many are unclear about the full significance of the resurrection. They know that Jesus is alive, but what does this really mean for the life of the individual believer, the Church, and the wider culture?

The early Church put great stress on the resurrection, but today the depth and breadth of its ground-shaking importance seems almost unknown, leading to skewed pictures of salvation, impotence in sanctification, erroneous views about the Last Days and the victorious Christian life.

In this bold new work, P. Andrew Sandlin explores the full meaning of the resurrection, explains why it is central to the gospel, clears age-old confusion about Christians' glorification and immortality, and exhibits the resurrection's life- and world-changing power.

"P. Andrew Sandlin presents clearly the meaning of the Resurrection as the central event of redemptive history."
-John M. Frame, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Fla.

"P. Andrew Sandlin has done us all a great service by demonstrating the central theme of the gospel message in the resurrection. We will profit for his lively, careful and insightful analysis of the most important truth the Christian message declares to our fallen race."
-John Armstrong, Reformation & Revival Ministries

P. Andrew Sandlin is president of the Center for Cultural Leadership, a Christian educational foundation dedicated to reclaiming contemporary culture for Jesus Christ. He is the author of several books and pamphlets including The Full Gospel and Easter Every Sunday.

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