ISBN 13:978-0-9700326-9-0 Hardback with 305 pages
by: C. Vaughn Doner
Chapter Titles
-The Evangelical Crack-Up
-New Age Frankenstein
-Age-Old Heresy
-The Crooked Path 
-Shrinking the Gospel  
-First Church of Christ American
-Fleeing the Scene, Fundamentally 
-Gutting the Great Commission  
-Aliens and Stewards
-Part-Time Christians  
-Idolizing the Subjective  
-Saints Gone Wild
-God’s Very Own “Me Generation”
-Church of Do What You Want
-Money, Morals, and Moralism
-Bitter Harvest
-Correcting Course


Why do our churches grow while our influence shrinks?
Many Evangelical spokesmen are upbeat about an “evangelism explosion.” At the same time, an equal number of voices point to an Evangelical implosion—at least when it comes to influencing our world. In fact, if one were to correlate Evangelical growth since the 1940s with the general diminishment of Christian influence over the culture, we are faced with a bizarre fact: more Christians, less impact. Whereas Evangelicals used to represent so much of what was praiseworthy in the church, today they are often confused and ineffective.

Scores of pastors, historians, theologians, journalists, pollsters, and activists have been sounding the alarm about the reasons why this
is so:

• withdrawal from the culture

• a limited view of redemption

• reductionist theology

• compartmentalized, part-time approach to Christian living

• overemphasis on individualism

• marginalization of the church and its mission in the world

The Late Great Evangelical Church goes one step beyond, explaining how these concerns are not only well founded but interrelated, and how a heresy that has been dogging the church since the days of the Apostles —Gnosticism— is to blame. C. Vaughn Doner chases this heresy through centuries of church history, revealing the startling connections to our present day and how it blunts believers and hamstrings the church, making us ineffective in our world.

But more than a Jeremiad, Doner’s insighiful book diagnoses the ills plaguing the church and helps point the way to renewed potential for redemptive change in the world.


Here is a book that bristles with energy and entrepreneurship: energy about the faith "once delivered to the saints" and entrepreneurship about new delivery systems that can communicate that faith in new times and climes.
LEONARD SWEET, author, The Gospel According to Starbucks
Doner knows the Evangelical world like few others. He has served the Christian church through a wide variety of nationally and internationally known ministries.
He has been involved with many different movements and knows many leaders personally. Like an Old Testament prophet, he is part of the world he critiques. Doner has invested his life, has suffered with the situation he describes, and now has devoted himself to changing it.
Martin Bucer International Theological Seminary
Sadly, the very people who most need to hear the message of The Late Great Evangelical Church may not read it. Still, I am persuaded that many young Christians — thousands of whom genuinely hunger for a renewing movement of ancient orthodoxy mixed with fresh grace — will discover this important book and be greatly helped by it. I heartily recommend this most insightful work.
JOHN H. ARMSTRONG, general editor,
The Coming Evangelical Crisis

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